11 Oct 2018

Import Swift Caravan from UK to NZ

Buying a Swift Caravan import from UK?

Import your own Swift Caravan from UK to NZ! At Extreme Global we make importing caravans to NZ a breeze.

Looking to find and purchase a Swift Caravan from the UK?

We can help with detailing the process on how to buy a Swift caravan in the UK, new or used.

We will at the same time make the process both easy and unobtrusive.

Get an instant quote from our web site with our ONLINE CALCULATOR

 This will include both Marine Insurance and GST values giving you have the full costs to import your caravan

Caravan Shipping Made Easy!

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Ship Early for Christmas!

Looking to Buy a Caravan or Car from the UK and use it for the Holidays?

If that’s the case, then the last receiving date, for shipping your vehicle from the UK to NZ to arrive before Christmas is 22nd October. This is the last receiving date at our 3 UK depots for 28###sup October sailing.

This vessel arrives in NZ on 11th December, leaving just enough time for the clearance, unpack and compliance processes to complete before Christmas!

Extreme Global, in partnership with Autobox Logistics UK, operate a weekly service from 3 Regional terminals, providing a 42-45 day transit into Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch, specialising in Car and Caravan Imports and utilising the revolutionary R Rack system for vehicle loading. Check our SAILING SCHEDULE today!