Get Out on the Water

Extreme Global makes getting out on the water easier thanks to our ability to import boats from the US, UK, Europe and Australia, straight to your door without hassle – or damage. It’s simple: you buy the boat of your dreams from just about anywhere in the world, and we’ll get it to New Zealand in time for your next trip on the open water.

Wondering how we’re going to load your new boat into a container? The Extreme Global team has come up with an innovative way to load even the widest boats into containers – without leaving a scratch. We lay the container down on its side and push the boat in, secure it, cushion it and strap it in, the turn the container up the right way for transportation. Your new purchase will arrive to New Zealand’s waters in ship-shape condition – just ask us about it

Helpful Hint:
If you’re in the market for a boat, think about getting a trailer as well. Even if you don’t need one, trailers are worth a lot in New Zealand so you could sell it afterwards. Don’t forget: a trailer is bigger than a boat, so more room will be needed to ship it.