Importing a car into NZ?

Importing a car into New Zealand is a straight forward process and can save you thousands of dollars compared to purchasing a car locally.

What's the Process?
Here at Extreme Global we understand the process of importing.

Be it from Australia, the UK or the USA.

Be it by RORO or containerized.

Be it new or used, a classic or even a non-runner

The process is similar and we can manage it all.
Extreme Global are Vehicle Shipping Specialists.

The Purchase
Firstly, the purchase. When purchasing a vehicle, make sure you get a good feel about the seller. Check the selling history and most importantly, make sure there isn’t any finance owed on the vehicle. Check if there is a Lien outstanding against the title in the USA or via the HPI Report in the UK.

Make sure you have done your homework on what you are allowed to bring in.
Issues regarding vehicle age, left hand drive cars and emissions standards are examples of areas to look at.   Check our resources area for access to more information.

If you need assistance purchasing the vehicle, let us know.  We have Procurement Agents in the UK that can source and buy the vehicle as well as manage VAT recovery. Talk to us before you buy.

Our Agents
Our overseas agents can arrange pick up of the vehicle and delivery to the container depot and port.   They will manage all the export documentation for the seller and you, the buyer.

The most cost-effective way to bring in most cars and SUV’s to New Zealand is in containers.
However, we have RORO services for the larger Motorhomes and Vans if they cannot fit.

RORO vessel operators have a strict NO supplementary cargo policy.
That means no goods or personal effects are allowed in the vehicle.

Our services load weekly to New Zealand.
Check out our shipping services on our schedules page if you are considering importing a car into NZ.

Cleaning and Border Security
You must make sure the vehicle is as clean as possible. I.e. Free of dirt and foreign matter otherwise border quarantine services MPI will require further cleaning. This is a cost that you could do without.

Marine Insurance
For peace of mind we require all vehicle to have comprehensive Marine cover. It is very reasonably priced and cover a wide range of potential hazards associated with sea freight importing.  Extreme Global can help you with this.

Local Paperwork
Prior to discharge we process the paperwork through NZ Customs and Ministry of Primary Industry -MPI and raise any duty or GST charges.

For returning citizens there are also opportunities for exemption of GST.  Talk to us about this.

Port or Depot Release

MPI Inspections and IVS Structural Inspections are undertake at either the port for the RORO service or for containers, at our depot, an MPI compliant specialist vehicle unpacking facility.  

Once formal border activities and customs clearance has been completed, freight and GST paid, we can release the Vehicle.  This typically takes 3-4 working days to process.

Finally, we can deliver the vehicle directly to your nominated compliance centre or your home.

5-Star Concierge Service
Should you require, we have a be-spoke Concierge service that will manage the who compliance process tailored to your specific needs.

Pick up the phone and talk to us.


  • NZ owned company
  • Weekly Service no holding vehicles
  • Fully Insured
  • New Zealand depots licenced to unload Motor Vehicles by Customs and MPI