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This is a non-contractual price guide only.
This is a non-contractual price guide only.
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Importing a Motorhome to NZ

Travelling by motor home is becoming increasingly popular as Kiwis invest in luxuries they’ve always wanted. Motor homes are very popular in the UK and Europe, and thanks to Extreme Global’s UK-based partners it’s now easier than ever before, when importing a motor home into NZ due to our specialist services.

Simply find what you like online from the range of UK motor home manufacturers and sales agents or take a trip to the UK and hand-pick your new or used motor home! We’ll do the rest!

How much does it cost to import a motor home to New Zealand?

Before you make a purchase, make sure you account for the Duty charge – Motor homes  10%, and the import GST – 15% on the purchase price plus the duty charge. to ensure you have the full picture on charges.

 If you’re not sure how to calculate this, we can help – ask for a quote today.

An example of the costs involved in shipping a NEW Motor home from the UK to NZ  based on a purchase value of GBP50,000 and 51 cubic metres of size.

Note the length x width x height makes up the cubic volume.  The freight rate is based on the cubic volume, so please pay particular attention to the CBM when assessing costs. We are happy to update quotations if your dimensions change.

Note Only USED motor homes require heat treatment with additional charges of GBP1750 plus delivery.

Freight – NZ$12500

Insurance – NZ$ 1500

Duty – NZ$9800 (Indicative government charges)

GST – NZ$18250 (Indicative government charges)

Landed costs – NZD138000.00 (Indicative)

Which documents will I need to import my motor home?

Bill of Sale

A scanned copy of your Passport or Vehicle Licence I.D (Photograph)

NZ Customs import client code or application

Proof of clear title (Required when importing from the UK – HPI Gold Report)

Please refer to our caravan Resources Page due the variation of documents required may when importing from the UK, US, or Australia.

Motor home Importing Process

Overseas Motor home Purchasing

Rule No.1 – Always check the credibility of the seller. Check out the selling history and that there is no finance still outstanding on the motor home. Make sure that there is no Lien outstanding against the title in the USA or in the case of UK imports, request an HPI Report.


If you need assistance sourcing your motor home.  We have Procurement Agents in the UK that can source and buy your caravan as well as managing your VAT recovery.  Chat to us before purchasing.

Imported Vehicle Standards into NZ

All motor homes require Compliance for electrical, gas and self-containment (toilet & waste water). You will require an authorised agent to complete this work. We can recommend authorised service providers.

Shipping Services

With the exception of some smaller motor homes that can fit into containers, the majority of motorhomes are shipped via conventional Roll On Roll Off services. All larger motor homes and trucks, etc shipped via conventional RoRo  services. The Port of Southampton is the RoRo terminal for New Zealand RoRo carriers

Our Overseas Agents

Following confirmation of the location of your motor home, our overseas agents can arrange pickup and delivery to the port of Southampton.  They will manage all the export documentation for the seller and you, the buyer.

We liaise closely with our agent and suppliers to ensure smooth deliver and loading.

Loading additional contents into your motor home

There is however a strict NO supplementary cargo policy which Roll On Roll Off vessel operators strictly apply.

Cleaning and Border Security Requirements

Your motor home must be as clean as possible. In other words, free of dirt and any other foreign matter. Should this not be the case on arrival to New Zealand, NZ border quarantine services (Ministry of Primary Industry – MPI will require further cleaning to be done. These sorts of additional costs can be avoided by ensuring the motor home cleaned before delivery to Southampton.  Speak to us before you buy as the border security factors require full understanding to ensure a successful outcome

Treatment against the Brown Marmorated Stink Beetle – BMSB

Recent developments in the fight against the BMSB have intensified.  The Ministry of Primary Industry -MPI,  has now implemented strict treatment protocols.  In both the UK and USA heat treatment is now required for most motorhomes.  Speak to us so you are aware of the current regulations for shipments from the UK and USA.  We have both fumigation and heat treatment facilities depending on the country and port of loading.

Marine Cargo Insurance

At Extreme Global, we require all motor homes to have comprehensive Marine Cover while in transit between origin and final destination. Our rates are very reasonably priced, and we cover a wide range of potential hazards associated with ocean freight importing.

Local Shipping Paperwork

Prior to the discharging of your cargo, we process all the local shipping paperwork through New Zealand Customs and MPI and raise any duty or GST charges.

If you’re a returning NZ resident or citizens, there are also opportunities for the GST to be exempt.  Eg. Personal effects – Speak to us regarding your circumstances.

Port or Depot Release

MPI Inspection is are undertake at either the port for the RORO service, or at our depot, for containers, which are all MPI compliant specialist vehicle unpacking facilities.

Once formal border and customs clearance has been completed, freight, Duty and GST paid, we can release the Vehicle.  This typically takes 3-4 working days to process.

In the case of RoRo shipments we have our contracted staff meet you at the port gate to access your motor home.


Should you require delivery to your nominated compliance centre or your home, we can arrange this on a specialist vehicle carrier.

We pride ourselves in making the importation of your motorhome straight forward. We offer safe, time saving and convenient transportation importing services of your treasured asset straight to your door nationwide.  Need A Quote? – Use our Online Calculator.

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