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Importing a Motorhome from UK to NZ

Whether you’re making the move over to New Zealand from the United Kingdom, and wanting to bring your toys with you, or simply looking into purchasing the motorhome you’ve always wanted, importing a vehicle sounds like a hassle at first glance. But if you do it right, it’s a smooth process, and the relative cheapness of campervan and RV prices in the UK mean that you could save up to a quarter of the costs. Even better, if you are a migrating to NZ, as around 4,400 Britons did in 2016, you may be exempt from both GST and customs tariff charges when importing a caravan to NZ.

But before you can start cruising in your British-sourced motorhome through the glorious New Zealand countryside, there are some steps which need to be taken to make sure that your vehicle is imported successfully and affordably. Once you’ve made your choice to import motorhome from UK to NZ, Extreme Global can take care of the rest, but the main requirements for importing your vehicle are outlined below.

Before Departure

It’s important to have documents recording the manufacture and any modifications that have been made to your motorhome, so that you can prove that your vehicle complies with New Zealand vehicle safety standards. It’s good to bear in mind that alterations and repairs are likely to cost less in the UK than they will in New Zealand, so as long as you can get the right documents, it might be worth having the work done on your motorhome before it sets sail for our shores.

Shipping Your Motorhome

In order for your RV or Campervan to be seaworthy, it will need to have less than 10 litres of normal fuel in the tank, and the battery disconnected. Gas bottles, food, and fire extinguishers will need to be removed, and all electronics taken out and wrapped up. They should then either be locked securely inside the vehicle or couriered on their own to the port of arrival. Roll on Roll off shipping lines will not accept any additional cargo with the motorhome, with the exception of it’s original items and chattels. It’s worth taking clear photos of the entire inside and the outside of the vehicle, just in case it arrives in the country looking a little different from how you remember.

Small motorhomes may be able to send it in a 40ft hc container – check with Extreme Global staff – but in most cases a roll-on-roll-off vessel will be used. The cost of shipping will vary depending on which port your vehicle is discharged at, the features of the vehicle itself, and its cubic measurements.  As a prudent forwarder we encourage all shippers to have Marine Insurance for your motorhome’s journey. We can assist you with this.

Arrival & Customs

New Zealand has strict quarantine rules and is particularly strict about cleaning any potential biosecurity risks because of the havoc these can wreak on New Zealand’s fragile ecosystem. For this reason, we recommend that your motorhome receives a deep clean before it leaves origin. Pay special attention to the wheel arches and awnings of the vehicle- this is where leaves, dirt, and other undesirables tend to stick around.

Cost of Shipping Motorhome to NZ

Customs costs for importation consist of a 15% GST levy, a 10% tariff duty and a minor administration fee. The percentage cost of the GST levy and the tariff duty are based on the purchase price of the motorhome in the UK. If you are moving over from the UK, there is opportunity to have the GST & Duty waived under specific criteria will depend on your individual circumstances, but the main requirements are that you’ve been living outside of New Zealand for the last 21 months,and have been personally using your motorhome overseas for at least a year before you came over.


Your motorhome will need to meet a range of safety and sanitation standards. For example, it will need to have enough water and waste storage capacity to meet the needs of all passengers and contain a sink and an evacuation hose, New Zealand government approved frontal impact standards also need to be met.

We pride ourselves in making the importation of your motorhome straight forward. We offer safe, time saving and convenient transportation importing services of your treasured asset straight to your door nationwide.  Request a quote.

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