10 Apr 2017

Americana 2018 dates announced

21st  to  24th  February  2018  

09 Apr 2017

How is GST calculated on your vehicle


07 Apr 2017

Pack up and take a Road Trip

Over  the  last  12  months  we  have  shipped  record  volumes  of  UK  caravans  so we  thought  it  time  to  actually  time&nb...

04 Apr 2017

Caravans from USA

Caravans and  RV  from  the  US  are  easily handled  through  our  Los  Angeles  depot.  we  can  also  offer on deck  and  roll  on &...

03 Apr 2017

UK GRI update

As previously  advised  the  carriers  are  over full  ex  the  UK  ports  so  rates  have  gone  up.  Ray  is  updating  the  pri...

03 Apr 2017

Barry Algie Memorial meeting April

Reminding everyone April 8th  and 9th is the Barry Algie Memorial meeting at Bruce McLaren Motor Sport Park in Taupo. Expected there will be a large entry of Historic Sports Sedans. Up...

31 Mar 2017

Every Load has a solution

this  picture  says a thousand  words.  Talk  to the  professional  info@extremeglobal.co.nz 

29 Mar 2017

USA vehicle the importance of the Original Title

We  are  often been asked  the  significance of  having  the  original  title.  It  is  important  to  ensure  before any  money  is  paid &...

27 Mar 2017

Beach Hop 2017 packed Waihi main street two days ago

25 Mar 2017

Beach Hop 2017

Petrolheads have flocked in their thousands to Whangamata for a vintage car festival. Described as "New Zealand's number one nostalgia festival', the Beach Hop celebrates vehicles from the 1950s and 60s. Roads...

20 Mar 2017

HRC Season Finale

HRC Season Finale at Hampton Downs on 6th and 7th May. HRC has been trying for the International track at Hampton Downs but at this stage it looks as if this meeting will be on the National track.

20 Mar 2017

Avoiding costly customs exams in Los Angeles

Great news for our customers: Extreme Global's LAX  office has been C-TPAT certified by U.S. Customs! C-TP...

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