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Sending Parcels from USA to New Zealand

US to NZ Parcel On-Line Calculator

Order your goods from anywhere in the USA, have them shipped to our Los Angeles warehouse. 


Many companies in the US will ship goods freely across the States, simply ask the seller to send your parcel to our depot and we’ll do the rest! –  Follow instructions below:

Freight charge – Los Angeles to Auckland

Flat US$3.00 per Chargeable* Kg Rate

Just enter in the weight (lb or kg) and length x width x height (inch / cm)

and US$ cargo value 

Press Calculate – It’s as simple as that!

Local charge – Destination Charges based on Goods Value

Goods value $999.00 and under – $25.00 per Invoice

Goods value $1000.00 and over – $45.00 + Govt Transaction Fee $56.00 per Invoice


  • All freight & customs charges in NZ$
  • Destination Charges based on Goods Value
  • Chargeable weight / volume based on 1 cbm = 200 Kgs
  • 1 shipper, 1 invoice (can be multiple items)
  • New items only with bona fide bill of sale
  • No foodstuffs or hazardous cargo


  • When ordering goods from US on-line you will be asked for a USA “ship to” address and an “order” number or reference. 
  • Please have the shipper add the following information to your parcel. 

Your Name” followed by Ref: AKLSP. c/o CFR Rinkens, 15501 Texaco Ave, Paramount. CA 90723

  • You will receive a shipment tracking no. and a bill of sale in USD from the supplier. Please copy this into our group email: 
  • Upon parcel receipt in LA we will provide you with an update with shipping & arrival (NZ Port) dates
  • Parcel will be available to collect from our Auckland depot.
  • This is Suitable for all on-line small goods except foodstuffs or hazardous cargo
  •  Shipping Transit:  – Over all transit 20 days –Depot Los Angeles to Depot Auckland (14 days on the water)



  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) in New Zealand only applies on goods valued over $1000 in value.
  • The NZ$1000 threshold is based on the customs value of the goods. I.e. the Invoice value.
  • This means transport and insurance costs are excluded when determining if GST is payable.
  • Once the threshold has been met, NZ Customs apply 15% GST to the combined value of the Goods
  • I.e. Invoice value & freight & insurance


  • NZ Customs may also apply Duty to shipments over $1000.00 where applicable


  • Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI)
  • MPI may wish to inspect goods at their discretion. Any extra charges may be passed on.



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