How to import car parts from the USA to NZ

Buying car parts or accessories from the USA?

Airfreight too expensive?

Interested in knowing how to sea freight your purchases from the USA to New Zealand?

Here’s how- utilise our specialised shipping services at Extreme Global. Ph 09 273 9713

Most US suppliers offer a delivery service from their warehouse to anywhere in the USA, many even for free.

Our weekly containerized shipping service from Los Angeles to Auckland is ideally suited to move vehicle parts economically.

Do you need some spare or replacement parts for your prized possession? Engines, side panels, floor pans, tires and doors or all of the above…

You name it we can move it, with maybe just a few exceptions.

You just nominate our Depot at Buena Park, Los Angeles as the US delivery address and we’ll bring it to Auckland, or through to anywhere in New Zealand that you live.

Initially all you need from us is a Booking Number so our warehouse knows to expect your goods.

Send us your cargo details and we can quote you the most cost-efficient sea freight rates to Auckland and even deliver to your home. Or you can pick it up from our depot and save the delivery.

Just remember any second-hand parts need to be clean and well packaged for their own protection and that of other cargo. We don’t want to have any cleaning costs due to leaking oil, etc.

It’s as easy as that!

How much does it cost to ship imported goods from USA to NZ?

Just be ready with a description of your goods and an estimate of the likely length, width and height of the package and we can give a very prompt quotation. Note US manufactured car parts are duty free so NZ Customs will only charge GST of 15%.

We can arrange all the export paperwork and the import customs clearance and GST.

You only need to pay us just a week before the goods arrive.

How do we ship from the USA to NZ?

We ship all our Los Angeles cargo in 40ft containers.

We call this LCL shippingLess than a container load or a shared container.

How long does it take?

Although the ‘on the water’ time of the container is just 14 days from Los Angeles to Auckland allow 10 days at origin and 4 days at destination for us to manage the loading cutoffs and unpack and clearance of the container.

What can I ship in an LCL shipment?

You can ship almost anything in an LCL shipment.

The main criteria are that the goods be;

  • Non – hazardous. I.e. Safe to ship. Check with us if you are uncertain.
  • Securely packaged. I.e. Suitable package, pallet or crate for the sea voyage
  • Marked and labelled clearly
  • Comes with a Bill of Sale or Invoice from the seller in your name, so we can clear for entry with NZ customs.

Is there a minimum size we can ship?

To be economic by sea freight we recommend that you ship at least 0.5 cubic metre (cbm) and as close to 1 cbm as possible. That’s 1m x 1m x 0.5m

However talk to us about smaller loads and we can see if we can work some pricing for you that appeals.

Terms and important information

Goods must be clean. I.e. If there are second hand, such as engine parts.

Goods must be well packaged. Auto parts can be awkward so it’s worth taking some time if you can to ensure they are in robust packaging for the voyage.

Heavy goods must be palletized or crated. E.g. Engines.

No hazardous goods accepted. E.g. Hazardous chemicals, gas shock absorbers.

No leaking engines – We’d prefer not to have to bill the cost of cleaning the container.

If you have any concerns at all about the above goods give us a call and we can review and advise.

Check out our resources are by clicking here.

For any queries with shipping please call to the team at Extreme Global 09 273 9713


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