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Import Electric to NZ Review

Kiwi’s Embrace True “BLUE” Revolution in Imported Electric Vehicles

From “humble” beginnings in 2014, when the first of these types of vehicles were imported into the New Zealand market, the “blue” revolution has gathered momentum at a rapid pace as Kiwi individuals readily endorse the new automotive technology that is the All Electric Vehicle (EV).

The wide range available and the improving performance and range of these Electric vehicles, particularly those available from the UK, has served as inspiration for both the Individual and Corporates to seek, buy and import this type of vehicle from the UK and US (with Tesla dominating the US market) and to a lesser extent Japan.

The “Early Adopter” period has long since expired and Smart Technology from Europe, US and Japan has provided a wide range of vehicles from the exotic to the everyday practicle making them accessible to all New Zealanders. This is the new topic of conversation around the dinner table!

Examples illustrating the wide range and performance available of the all-electric vehicles are listed and linked below:

Nissan Leaf at entry level is a popular choice amongst Kiwi’s for both individual and fleet buyers in New Zealand. Whilst the exotic Jaguar I-Pace – launched this Year,  gives the Tesla top end models, S and X a serious run for the money and keeps up the pace against the “old school V8’s”- albeit quietly!

This migration to the EV is not confined to the Domestic Market as Commerce embraces the light commercial vans as a viable option, and car importers in New Zealand pay serious attention to this specialised market. Backed by Government incentives in fuel, road tax and infrastructure subsidies, this “fuels” this burgeoning market for EV’s in the New Zealand imported Car market.

The growth has been quite phenomenal in the import car market for Electric Vehicles, particularly the “used” car market from the UK.

In 2014 imports accounted for 40 new “light” EV and 70 used
In 2017 imports accounted for 689 new and 2233 used
This year after 6 months imports equate to 426 new and 1918 used

Further development in Europe and US for heavy trucks will open up the imported, all electric truck market in the near future, making New Zealand a pioneer in the take up of EV vehicles…

We have seen the rapid growth of these units evident in our weekly container(s) service out of the UK and US and have good connections for sourcing both new and used family vehicles and light commercials.

If you are considering buying an EV and importing a vehicle from the UK or US, talk to us, we will be able to put you in touch with right people, to be able to assist you in finding the right vehicle for you and save you money in the process. Expect to see (but not hear) a lot more of these vehicles in the future!

Extreme Global operate a weekly service from UK and US specialising in the transport of motor vehicles.
Give Ray Smith 021 727 476 a call today to discuss your freighting options for your new imported Electric Vehicle!


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