Pack up and take a Road Trip

Over  the  last  12  months  we  have  shipped  record  volumes  of  UK  caravans  so we  thought  it  time  to  actually  time  to  do  a  brief  over view  of  our  service  package.

We load caravans into containers at 3 specialist UK regional depots

–          Hull 

–          Barking

–          Southampton

We unload containers in 3 NZ cities at specialist regional depots

–          Auckland

–          Tauranga

–          Christchurch

Our  service  is  fully  containerized  and  loaded  in  our  own  controlled  depots  in  the  UK  and  NZ.  Our  UK  team  consists of  4,  headed  up  by  Chris  Scott,  UK  Director,  who  has  had  many  years’  experience  in  the  English  caravan shipping  business.

Our  NZ  depots  are  all  customs  bonded ,  MPI  accredited ,  have  full  wash  bay  cleaning  facilities  on  site.  We  have  had  the  same  team unloading  our  UK  caravan containers for  over  10  years. Our friendly and experienced team can help you through every step of the ordering and importing process, with the premise of making it as simple as possible

The end product is a specialist service that you can rely on to arrive on time and in good condition.

We also ship cars and parts!        Give us a try with your next shipment!    64  21  727476  

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