UK – Business carries on

Although “non-essential” businesses in the UK have gone into ‘lock down’ mode with offices and retails outlets physically closed for next 3 weeks, many businesses will still continue to trade. 

Through phone and internet transactions they are striving to keep to the ‘Business as Usual’ (BAU) doctrine and keep servicing their customers. This is particularly true of the car and caravan dealers, which for overseas buyers, email or phone conversation is usually the first line of contact. 

So, as you are sitting at home, with time on your hands and have the purchase of a car or caravan on your mind, why not do the research on the net and see what appeals. If you consider that the purchase process will take a few weeks anyway, this is an ideal time to buy – ready to ship when restrictions ease or are lifted. Transit time to NZ from UK is around 6 weeks, so you would be utilising the “down time” ready for the end of the restrictions…

Meantime our freight teams overseas and here at home also continue in a Business as Usual mode.

Our receiving depots in the UK and unpacking depots in NZ remain open.

For further help or to chat regarding please contact one of the Extreme Team:

Ray Smith            021 727 476

Chris Ward          021 457 001 

Phil Mitchell       021 761 857